Blog posts publicizing eDiscovery webinar and white papers

I recently completed work on a series of blog posts publicizing a webinar and several white papers from European eDiscovery vendor Zylab. The posts are part of an email nurturing campaign designed to prompt subscribers and social media contacts to download the white papers and view a replay of the webinar.

The blog posts were focused on reducing eDiscovery cost by using cutting-edge eDiscovery tools in-house to perform early case assessments and to more tightly control the data set being sent to outside counsel and other consultants. The webinar and white papers were a treasure trove of statistics on how much eDiscovery costs and where the inefficiencies lie.

We even drilled down into the advantages of bringing the eDiscovery process in-house from the perspectives of not only the General Counsel but also the CIO and CFO. It was an interesting exercise in tailoring a message for specific audiences.

My hands-down favorite one to write was the one aimed at CFOs. My brother was actually a CFO before he semi-retired a few years ago, so it was fun to imagine how I would try to convince him to talk his General Counsel into implementing an SaaS eDiscovery solution to save the company money.

Here's the full series as published on Zylab's blog:

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