Blog posts for lead-up to ABA TechShow campaign launch

Josh Taylor of Smokeball (a case management software package a.k.a. “legal productivity software”) engaged me to help with creating several blog posts during their run-up to the American Bar Association’s TechShow. They were getting ready to release a new ad campaign featuring actress Calista Flockhart (of Ally McBeal fame) in which she claimed to have invented Smokeball. It was a fun, creative campaign!

I supplied Smokeball with three posts for their blog:

Josh even graciously gave me author credit on these posts, which I really appreciated!

Video series for Attorney at Work

In August 2017, the editors at Attorney at Work engaged me to produce an ongoing video series of quick Microsoft Office tips for young lawyers. The directive: under three minutes with an immediate productivity payoff.

The result has been a popular video series that we'll now be continuing beyond the first year's engagement!

(This hasn't been my first engagement with Attorney at Work - I've been writing posts for them periodically for several years now.)

Guest Posts at Legal Practice Pro

Jay Fleischman graciously allowed me to guest post on his blog several times early in my legal technology writing career. My posts there mainly focused on Microsoft Office tips and tricks with the occasional foray into other tech-related subjects.

Unfortunately, my Legal Practice Pro posts are now published behind the paywall. You can, however, see samples of some of my work at the Wayback Machine’s archive of my author page.

Blog posts for Lawyerist

I started as a legal technology columnist for the blog Lawyerist back in June, 2011. I've written about a number of topics, mostly about how lawyers could (and should) use Microsoft Office in the context of their work. One of my posts, on Steve Ballmer's unfortunate remarks about the likelihood of Microsoft ever developing a version of Office for the iPad, became the best-read post on Lawyerist, a position it maintained for over a year.

But if you're in the market for content marketing copy, you're not just interested in copy that goes viral, you want copy that continues to draw clicks on Google and other search engines for months and years to come. Here's what Lawyerist's editor, Sam Glover, had to say about my contributions to Lawyerist:

Deborah's articles for Lawyerist are detailed, well-written, and continue to draw visitors long after they are published.

Sam Glover

Editor in Chief,

Click here for my Lawyerist author page, which contains links to all the posts I've written for them.