Sales page for email-to-PDF software

2B Software found me on LinkedIn and thought I'd be the perfect person to write a new sales page for their email-to-PDF conversion software. After all, with 20+ years of litigation experience, I know exactly how stressful the discovery process can be, and dealing with voluminous email files only makes it worse.

Couple that with the, ahem, less-than-stellar technical competencies of many in the legal field, and you have a recipe for (potential) disaster. Courts take electronic discovery seriously. Fortunately, tools like Email in Detail Litigation can take some of the stress and complexity out of the process.

I enjoyed working on this piece. The client came well-prepared with market research and a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish. They already had keyword-driven ad campaigns linking to their existing page and wanted something that really spoke powerfully to legal professionals.

Here's what Olga said about her experience with me on this project:

Deborah did a great job for 2B Software. Prior to writing about the Email Detail Litigation app, she scheduled a call and learned every detail about the project. She also put a lot of effort into getting to know the program and the target audience. After she sent the draft there was little for us to edit. The professional approach to creating content as well as her strong technical and legal writing background make Deborah the best choice to everybody who needs a copywriter for the legal tech industry.

Olga Lapshinova

CEO, 2B Software

Click here or the picture above to view the entire sales page.

Real estate marketing web copy

Before: Website circa 1990s

A company with a unique business model came to me for help with their website. Two partners had just purchased the company and were poised to expand franchising operations into more than 400 new markets.

The problem? As the new owners described it, the existing website, which was “state of the art” just a few years before was now out of date. And since they were looking to appeal to an upscale clientele, they not only needed a visual makeover, they needed brand-new copy to speak to their affluent, sophisticated audience.

Showhomes - old website screenshot

The old website that talks about their “innovative, dynamic marketing strategy”

While one of their in-house web designers tackled the visual aspect of the site, I took a stack of their marketing materials and began work on the text. The goal: solid benefits-focused copy that spoke to three distinct audiences:

  • Real estate professionals who have vacant properties for sale
  • Homeowners who need to have their vacant houses staged for quick sale
  • Prospective home managers

After: New layout, new sales-oriented copy

The most obvious problem with the old copy was that it focused on features (i.e., what the company does), not benefits (i.e., what customers gain). It didn’t speak to the things that concern its readers: the anxiety that homeowners have over leaving a vacant property on the market, the hassles real estate professionals experience trying to sell empty houses, and the desire of prospective home managers for affordable and comfortable temporary housing.

The new site that speaks directly to their 3 customer types

The new site that speaks directly to their 3 customer types

So the “teasers” on the home page start with these needs and how the company meets them. Then the individual pages addressed to these separate audiences expand on those themes. Contrast this with the old home page’s vague opening line about the company’s “innovative, dynamic marketing strategy.”

Lesson: Here it is again – the classic benefits vs. features discussion. Your customers don’t care what you do – they care what you do for them. It’s not an esoteric point. Let them know why you’re the solution to their problems. Don’t leave it to them to figure it out.

Click here for a sample of the copy for this project.